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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Christopher Wilkinson who was born in California on May 18, 1989 and passed away on June 10, 2005 in St. Auugustine Florida at the age of 16. We will remember him forever.

My son was an amazing boy.  He was wise beyond his years.  He was starting college classes at the age of 16!  His musical ability was one to came so easy for him.  He wrote many songs...he also added music to them or even got the music at the same time.  He use to lead worship in our Children's ministry at church.  He knew how to get the kids to enter in...even the adults.  He sang songs he wrote in front of the church we attend from the age of 12.  He played the guitar after deciding he wanted to be like Mr. Tim.  Tim Lambert was his mentor and guitar teacher.  Chris thought he was amazing! 
Tim, his teacher is singing and playing this song he wrote for our son after he died.

Chris will never sing on this earth again...but I do know my sweet angel boy is singing with the angels and the Most High!  I will be adding a few videos and original music by my son soon.

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i am so sorry for your loss   / Sally Briggs
i lost my son, ronnie to suicide on nov 6,2000. it has been 11 yrs. i know the pain and the grief and all the other  emotions. i am so very sorry. your son was a very nice looking young man. i have my sons memorial here also. take care, sally br...  Continue >>
To the Family   / Donna
Oh what a beautiful child.  I do offer my deepest sympathies to you all. Also I want to say that there will be a resurrection on the last day to paradise on this earth. John 5:28 29.  Take comfort from the scriptures.  I am weeping wit...  Continue >>
one more   / Kate Cooper
...and Kadi too!!! : )
prayers for all   / Kate Cooper (friend of his mom )
Wow. It's been so long since I've visited this site. Anthony Becca James Kenny Reignah Grace...and Chelle and Tim...I'm so sorry. I'm feeling so greatful to have reconnected with you Chelle. I can only imagine how each of you are doing today especi...  Continue >>
Miss you son   / Tim Wilkinson (Dad)
Chris You brought so much joy and life to so many. Your heart so tender and gentle. Your love so deep and caring. I have been quietly inspired to see you take life head-on nothing held back. I so loved to see you step right into the big bro...  Continue >>
What a wonderful family  / Angela (just feeling sad )    Read >>
I will remember you always  / Nora Brown (Aunt Nora )    Read >>
Remembering you  / Lynette Endresen (Friend)    Read >>
From the Ahses  / Michelle Wilkinson (mom)    Read >>
The joy you bring...  / Chelle Wilkinson (Mom)    Read >>
THINKING ABOUT YOU AGAIN  / Tim Lambert (Friend/mentor)    Read >>
Happy 19th birthday...  / Michelle Wilkinson (Mom)    Read >>
Just wanted to write feelings out...  / Michelle Wilkinson (Mom)    Read >>
Chris / Mrs. Kim     Read >>
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His legacy
Beauty For Ashes...  
A Legacy is a gift someone leaves behind when they are no longer with us. Just having Christopher in our lives is a gift that could never be replaced with anything else. Now that he is gone his Legacy will live on in our hearts and memories forever. His smile and laugh were infectious.  Everyone that met Chris knew he was sincere and kind. Chris was not like most teens.  He was not rebellious; he was kind and giving and enjoyed life. Chris's death shook the hearts and souls of all who knew him.  He will never laugh and smile again but his smile and laughs are etched on the very depths of our hearts and souls.  He will never be forgotten, never. He always gave his time to his friends...he always cared.  I guess that is a downfall at times as he cared and someone took advantage of it and he in turn took his own life. We will never understand the heart or minds of these people.  We pity them that they could be so heartless and uncaring.  They do not realize what they have done but one day they will and they will stand before God almighty and answer to Him.  I have no anger just sadness. We refuse to let them win. We refuse to be angry. Our son's life and death will not be in vain.  What was meant to destroy us will be a victory in Gods' name. 
The Father God will give us beauty for ashes and a rainbow for the rain...he will be our heart mender.
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